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Dah setahun lebih kot tak update blog ni. Maaf banyak2 kalau ada yang tanya pasal visa tapi saya tak sempat jawab. Kalau ada alert dekat email pun mungkin saya tak perasan dah. Lagipun saya rasa dah tak berapa tepat pun info yang saya boleh share. 5 tahun dulu mungkin syaratnya lain berbanding sekarang kan.

Saya pun dah jarang-jarang sangat buka blog ni. Relevan lagi tak tulis blog ni? Ada lagi ke orang baca blog? Atau blog is so yesterday. Huhu. Sekarang ni orang lebih aktif berinstagram kot.

Life after balik dari UK sangat sibuk. Sibuk sebab anak2 ada yang ambik exam besar. Kalau weekend sibuk hantar tuisyen ambik tuisyen aje. Hari-hari pergi kerja gelap-gelap, balik pun almost nak gelap dah.  Anak2 pun kesian nampak macam so exhausted. Kekadang pukul 8 dah pengsan. Homework tak buat dinner pun tak. I myself pun balik kerja selalunya penat dah tak larat nak buat apa2 melainkan masak, makan, solat dan tidur. Kesian kan life macam ni. I wish I have time to go pergi belajar mengaji, apa-apa ajela selagi ilmu yang berkaitan bekalan akhirat. Agree? I think its about time for us to look for something like that. Santapan rohani!! Dengar dekat you tube atau tv okay juga tapi lagi ada feel kalau mengaji ada nampak cikgunya mengajar kat depan tu.

Ok. signing off for now.

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walk over at Msia campus

walk over at Msia campus

IMG_4860 IMG_4916Alhamdulillah. After years of labs, writings, sleepless nights,etc, I finally graduated in July. This long journey is a test of your perseverance, patience and hopes. Yes emotional journey. Macam-macam perasaan, susah hati, sakit kepala, stressed, blank bila writing, takut. You name it!! Phew, am really2 grateful that its finally over. Syukur sangat2 okeh. Huhu

The key to success though sound cliche is effort and doa! Do your very best first (all out ok!) then humbly ask for Allah’s help. InsyaAllah PhD will be yours. My viva lasted for 1 1/2 hr. The external examiner (so fatherly figure, Italian professor) was so kind in person but very critical in his questions. He had this long list of questions on a piece of paper prepared before the viva.  So the viva was like a verification process by your examiner to see/examine that if you really know what you did. The theory or the principle behind your work. And they also wanted to know if it is really your own work.  Coz you  never know that maybe someone could hire people to do or write the work/thesis for him. During my viva, some of the questions asked were  like “what do you mean by this sentence/word/para?, why the graph is like this etc. I think it should be like this or that. What do you think?……..” There were 2/3 questions that I could not answer very well especially in the introduction chapter but he helped me a bit and explained about it at the end. There would definitely be two or three unexpected questions.

My tips, usaha mesti kuat, lepas tu doa, doa dan doa. Its the power of doa!

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Writing lagi

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Look and sound familiar. Meeting sebab nak discuss for the next meeting paling epik. 🙂

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Exactly what I feel now

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Kopi yang satu ini

I’ve noticed that every time I have this particular coffee my heart beats faster and am feeling a little bit dizzy. The feeling you had when you’re gonna have interviews or public speaking. Oh my I don’t like this. This has got to be its higher caffeine content compared to other brands eh. Tu la degil, nak minum jugak. Perhaps, bye bye COSTA would be the solution after this. Heh


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Robbi yassir wala tu ‘assir, Robbi tammim bil khoir

Ya Allah permudahkanlah, janganlah engkau persulitkannya, Ya Allah Kau sempurnakanlah dengan kebaikan.

PhD challenges come in different forms different ways for different people different student (count how many “different”s ;-)). You face them, tackle them avoid them or run away from them. Ya Allah please make it easy for me. I pray for a happy ending! 🙂



Well mine has definitely been written in tears sometimes, coffee most of the time, sweat once in a while but not yet in blood. Heh..

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